ShowStoppers - We make every student a Triple Threat!
                        Tiny Productions! 
     Ages 4 - 7 years old
Tuition $50 per month- 1 hour/week
Annual Registration Fee: $30
Costume Fee $25 per Semester
Singing, Dancing & Acting all in one class!
This class is designed for the young performer who has an interest in any of the 3 areas of the performing arts! We strive to develop a love for music, dancing and acting by making this class a fun-filled and enjoyable experience for each student! Our highly trained instructors concentrate on helping each student feel comfortable and excited about the performing arts through various games, activities and skill training. Each class will learn a small musical production where they will have the opportunity to show off what they have learned for their family and friends at the end of the year. This helps with stage presence and especially confidence in being a performer!
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