ShowStoppers - We make every student a Triple Threat!
Performing Arts Program-
Our Performing Arts program is different than any other program in Utah... We specialize in the training of 3 specific areas of the Performing Arts...
DSC016031- Music & Voice Training
2- Acting Courses
3- Dance Technique
Our Performing Arts program provides the following:
*Small class sizes
*Tailored program based on level of Talent
*3 classes for an affordable price
*Professional and skilled instructors
*Accountability and skill advancement
*Students progress at their own rate of development
*Performing opportunities
*Teaching opportunities
*Students are encouraged and challenged
*Professional atmosphere

We know that as students develop these 3 area's of talent they will become as we say ..."A Triple Threat!"  Ultimately these students are more prepared for Jr. High and High School Theater productions. Students are more prepared to handle College scholarship auditions and professional Musical Theater auditions. And Students have more confidence and skill to pursue other professional aspirations as well. Many students who are well trained in these areas become Film or Commercial Actors, Stage performers,Teachers ,Instructors,Composers or Choreographers.

There is so much competition here in Utah, that we understand that a person cannot only be a singer, but that they need to be able to act as well as dance in order to pass any audition for Musical Theater. Even recording artist such as Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Taylor Swift & Jennifer Hudson - have all had to do more than just sing on stage. Not to mention great Broadway Stars that have ventured into the movies such as Hugh Jackman, Bernadette Peters, etc. If you look into the History of so many performers you will find that they all had similar training in all 3 areas of the performing arts. Singing...Dancing... & Acting. This is why we teach all 3 aspects in our Senior & Junior Showstopper Productions .

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