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Donations to the Hopebox Theatre

   As many of you know I have embarked upon a new adventure these past few months. I am opening up a community theatre which will be unlike any theatre around! The "Hopebox Theatre" is going to be a place where we will be able to provide... Hope, Joy and Entertainment to those families who are fighting Cancer! I know first hand how a musical production can bring you peace while you struggle through the pains of treatment with cancer. I happen to be a 4 time cancer survivor and therefore that is why this project is so important to me! 
   We are planning on sponsoring one special person for each of our Productions throughout our season. As well as provide a family oriented theatre for our community! In order to make this dream come true I am asking for your help. We would love any type of donation towards this worthwhile cause.
   Together we can make a difference in the lives of many who suffer with this disease!  Please join with me in this wonderful and meaningful cause, and help make the "Hopebox Theatre" a reality!                              
                              To make a donation click below        


Thank you so much for your support!

Jan T. Williams
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